Searchable Greek Inscriptions Packard Humanities Institute
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
Attic Inscriptions Online
Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine Brown Univ; includes Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Aramaic inscriptions
The Online Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon from Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
U.S. Epigraphy Project Greek and Latin Inscriptions in the USA

A Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics

Mike Aubrey on Middle Voice
Schole resources for learning to speak and write Koine
Greek New Testament Audio Recordings (some free, some paid)

Accordance Font new Unicode font
The Brill Unicode font but beware of usage restrictions
Galatia free Unidcode font from SIL
Gentium free Unidcode font from SIL
SBL Unicode font
Tyndale House Unicode font
Epigraphic Greek fonts free; not Unicode; utilize BibleWorks keyboard arrangement
Apparatus SIL Unicode font by SIL for text criticism sigla

Perseus Digital Library by Gregory R. Crane, Tufts University; Greek and Latin texts in original languages and translation

New Testament Gateway - a premiere wiki for the NT, run by a Duke Prof. Excellent sources and diverse.

Lexicity links to online language resources including Greekā€”not sure how useful it is

SBL's GNT: The text of the SBL Greek New Testament with [morphological] analysis from MorphGNT version 6.01.